Rock Ridge

Welcome to Nelle Shean Elementary

Located on the Gilbert Campus, Nelle Shean Elementary serves students in grades five and six. Additionally, the Early Childhood Family Education, School Readiness Programs, and HeadStart Classrooms are located in our building.

The Nelle Shean Elementary is a great school with a deep history built with community pride. Our teachers and staff work together as partners to encourage a love of learning and achievement in a safe, nurturing environment where everyone respects and values themselves and others for their individuality.

Rock Ridge Public Schools Since 2020

Rock Ridge Public Schools combines the communities of Eveleth, Gilbert, and Virginia into a progressive school district embracing an academy style high school to provide students with a real world learning environment.

Nelle Shean Elementary

1 Summit St S
Gilbert, MN 55741

(218) 744-7770

8:10 AM - 2:45 PM MTRF
8:10 AM - 1:45 PM W